Singularity's Tumbling classes are designed to teach beginner and advanced tumblers floor skills with great technique




Excellent instruction to help you achieve your skill goals

Are you looking to improve your tumbling skills but are disinterested in learning the rest of the artistic gymnastics events? Maybe you're a cheerleader or dancer who just needs practice on a few specific floor skills. If that's you, Singularity's tumbling classes can suit your needs! We offer both introductory and advanced tumbling classes for girls looking to learn everything from round offs, to twisting on floor. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to teach the technique and movements necessary to accomplish these skills.

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Whether you're looking for a class to have fun and stay active, keep up old skills, or accomplish new skills needed for your specific sport, Singularity coaches will identify your goals and help you reach success!


Each Tumbling class is one hour long and involves practice on the hard floor, rod floor, trampoline, and foam pit. Singularity's quality equipment helps cushion hard landings and gives several options for drill stations. 


$30 Annual Enrollment Fee

One day a week - $46 monthly 

Two days a week - $78 monthly