Competitive Acrobatic Gymnastics

Singularity offers both recreational and competitive Acrobatic classes for both males and females looking to join our teams

Creating beautiful performers and strong teams 

The goal of Singularity's Acrobatic team is to prepare athletes to compete by pairing or grouping them together into compatible teams. Skill level and competition desire are large components in the decision making process. The team program is a year round commitment and allows the athlete to progress through the various levels of acrobatic gymnastics.


Our talented and decorated Acrobatic coaches know what it takes to be successful in competition. They work to prepare each individual for a successful performance.


Two hours a week of tumbling and/or artistic classes are required along with a couple Acrobatic classes per week. This is to ensure that the tumbling component of Acrobatic Gymnastics remains a focus point.. Tumbling classes are one hour long, and Acrobatic classes are three hours long.


$30 Annual Enrollment Fee

6-11 hours per week - $175 monthly