Our Programs

At Singularity Gymnastics, we understand the important role we play in your child's development. From instilling early confidence at a young age, to helping build competent, strong-minded young adults, Singularity does not take the job lightly. Our team of coaches have several years of experience and are equipped to handle the unique needs and skill levels of each of our student-athletes. When you need a high level of instruction and a positive, character building environment, our team of coaches are ready to help.

Preschool Gymnastics


Singularity's Preschool classes are designed to teach young kids, ages 4-6, the introductory body and skill positions that are crucial to performing more difficult skills later on in the gymnastics. While your preschooler is learning the basics of the sport, they will also gain valuable life skills that must be taught early on--listening skills, discipline, a sense of pride in oneself, bravery, and much more.

Tumbling Gymnastics


Whether you're looking for a class to have fun and stay active, maintain old tumbling skills, or accomplish new skills needed for your specific sport, Singularity's tumbling classes can help you meet your goals! Our top of the line equipment paired with excellent instruction from our professionals will create a great experience for you and your child. 

Acrobatic Gymnastics


Singularity's recreational Acrobatic classes are tailored to young and/or introductory athletes who desire to learn the sport of Acrobatic Gymnastics. This sport, which combines cheerleading, tumbling, and dance, is highly technical and team-oriented, which is why we stress the improtance of intro classes to teach the basics. 

Competitive Acrobatic Gymnastics

Competitive acrobatic

Competitive Acrobatic Gymnastics gives gymnasts the opportunity to showcase their talent and take the sport to the next level. At competition, each pair/group performs routines featuring gymnastics tumbling skills, partner balances, and tempo skills. Our dedicated team of coaches will work with each student-athlete to help them improve from competition to competition while having fun and developing character. 

Recreational Gymnastics


 Singularity's recreational artistic program was designed to teach student-athletes beginning and intermediate skills that will prepare them for high level gymnastics. Consisting of practice on the four events--vault, bars, beam, and floor, young athletes will work to develop strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance.

Competitive Gymnastics

competitive artistic

Singularity's competitive artistic team consists of levels gold, platinum, diamond, nine, and ten. We uniquely combine the Excel program with the JO program to produce high level gymnasts and help student athletes achieve college scholarships.