Acrobatic Gymnastics

Singularity offers both recreational and competitive Acrobatic classes for both males and females looking to join our teams

Combining dance, cheerleading, and tumbling into one sport

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a whole new world of discipline and performance, and Singularity Gymnastics is the only gym in Springfield, Missouri that offers this spectacular sport!


Our dedicated staff of acrobatic coaches will equip your child with all of the introductory body and skill positions that are crucial to performing more difficult skills later on in the sport. 


Our recreational acrobatic classes consist of a 16 week program which follows a detailed curriculum outlining the concepts that will be taught. This curriculum consists of progressive skills and balance elements that are paramount to an athlete's success in the sport. Each week is designed to build upon what was learned in the previous week. Classes are one hour long.


$30 Annual Enrollment Fee

Two days a week (required) - $99 monthly